Lee District Basketball Association

Winter 2019/20 Coaches Directory

To be Determine. Kick-off Meeting conference call scheduled for Wednesday 09/04/2019. If you are interested, please contact Mr. Kim Thompson prior to the meeting date to be included or receive alternative instructions.

Coach's Name Phone Email Division
Diffenbach, Paul 202-489-3860 paul_diffenbach@yahoo.com Div 1 Boys 6th Grade
McMinn, Austin 571-225-4580 amcminn0208@gmail,com Boys 8th Grade
Trotter, Robert 703-399-1201 rltrotter2@yahoo.com Boys 7th Grade
Vacant, Contact VP Boys 5th/6th Grade
Thompson, Kim 703.624.5968 kimthompson544@gmail.com Select Director/VP
Winter 2019/20 Team Tryout Schedule

Tryouts for the Winter 2019/2020 Competitive/Select/Travel Teams have been posted. Please select the icon below. They will start in October and be held by the identified coach for the specific grade and gender. If you have questions or need assistance, please direct those questions to LDBA via email, or to the VP and Select Director Mr. Kim Thompson at via email or 703-624-5968

County Select League

When you register for Lee District Basketball for the Winter Season, one question that will be asked is whether you would like your child to tryout for the Select League. Some might wonder what the "Select League" is and how it is different than the "Recreational League". The information that follows pertains to the "County Select Winter League", a.k.a. - Fairfax County Youth Basketball League (FCYBL). NEW, starting this season, LDBA teams that are formed will participate in leagues outside of FCYBL in and around the DMV. The reasoninng behind this is to allow for LDBA and anyone that would like to be with our organization is not restricted by the imposed fcybl zip code restrictions. With LDBA being surrounded by various other clubs, we want to ensure that all are aware that LDBA is open to all children in each program, including City of Alexandria and Falls Church familes.


The Fairfax County Youth Basketball League consists of approximately 25 Fairfax County youth organizations (like Braddock Road, McLean, Springfield, Chantilly), as well as Arlington and the City of Alexandria. Each organization chooses the best players from each age group and they participate against each other. It is a competitive league and normally the players are competing against some of the better players in the Northern Virginia area. There are zip code restrictions that are out of LDBA's control that are imposed by fcybl. These are defined each Winter Season and are subject to changes.


It is a good opportunity to play against the best competition in Northern Virginia, and to see your child's skills against this high level of competition. Lee District Basketball is very proud of the quality of coaching that is offered at the County Select level in each age group. Fundamentals will be emphasized as well as introducing various offenses, defenses, presses and press breaks. You would see a vast improvement in your child's skill level and their overall understanding of the game as the season progresses


LDBA started a Competitive division about 2 years ago. For Competitive the main season is Spring/Summer. This is not to be confused with the County Select offering during the Winter. County Select deals only with LDBA's participation in the FCYBL program. LDBA has expanded it's offerings, based on coaching resource availability to have/form Competitive Teams that will form in both the Winter and Spring/Summer seasons, that can or cannot participate in FCYBL. Terms such as AAU, YBOA, USBA, FYBA are all associations that support Competitive Team play and can also be associated with the word "Travel". If you interested in Competitive, then please refer to our Competitive Section. NOTE: As LDBA continues to expand, County Select and Competitive can participate in the same events.

Mr (Coach) Kim Thompson is the LDBA Director for this program. He can be reached via phone at 703-624-5968 or select Coach Thompson's name to email.

Why LDBA (Feed the Machine) for your Select/Travel Competitive Choice!!!!!!

We have a solid program with a focus on teaching the children the fundamentals of basketball. Not fancy, basis fun, hard work and results. We are a small community program, and being small allows LDBA/Machine to have flexibility to provide the necessary focus to the children. It also assists with lowering overhead costs, but does not skip on the opportunities. Competition, practices, and education are the same as with other bigger programs, but w/o the higher costs. Small overhead fees, allows for families and coaches to focus on the team objectives and planning for this on an individual team basis. Through the LDBA/Machine programs we have been successful in providing the skills, experience and knowledge to assist children to go to the next levels (High School, College, and in some cases the Pro) LDBA/Machine has experienced several changes throughout it's 45 years within the Lee District/Franconia/Kingstowne community, but one thing has always been consistent. Dedication to the children within our community. In Spring 2019, LDBA/Machine expanded this program/division to the Boys with (4) boys teams are were quite successful for the 1st season. We are looking to continue these core groupings and adding more over the Fall 2019, and Winter 2019/20 seasons in order to be better prepared for the Main Competitive Spring 2020 season..

Mr. (Coach) Dan Allen is the LDBA/Machine Director and emerging Boys divisions. Please select Coach Allen's name to email. All interested Boys should include LDBA email.

LDBA County Select Specifics

Each Lee District Select team will have tryouts in October. The tryouts for the Select teams will be conducted and completed BEFORE the house league has their "Assessment Nights". Therefore, if you would like to tryout, please register early and indicate on the application that you would like to tryout for the Select team. You might also want to follow-up with a phone call to the appropriate coach. If your child is not selected for the team, they would be asked to attend the House League Assessment Night and would then be placed on a House League team.

ZIP CODE RULE (based on last known allocation provided by FCYBL)

In the winter Select season, Lee District Basketball Association's assigned zip codes by the select league are 22310, 22315, 22303, 22306, 22079, 22309, 22153, and 22150. In the winter season, each team is allowed to have on their roster up to 2 players who live in Fairfax County but do not reside in one of the aforementioned zip codes.


If your child does not reside in Fairfax County, they can be selected on a LDBA Select team, but are subject to restrictions and rules that are governed by FCYBL. FCYBL also have the opportunity to deny this request for non-fairfax county players.


Each player chosen on a Select team will need to provide the following 'birth date" documentation to your coach by November 1. This requirement applies to new players to the Select program as well as all returning players:

1. Virginia DMV ID Card- A copy of this identification must be obtained from a Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office. This is the only documentation allowed as proof of your child's age. The Select league requires this card. In addition, the Virginia DMV ID Card must show your current home address. Receipt with the ID number on it can be submitted until the true photo card is received. The address on the DMV id MUST match the address used to registration on both LDBA's and fcybl's databases.

2. Report Card - Each player submit a copy of their report card or interim report card for proof of county residency and grade. When this copy is submitted, the actual grades received and any comments on the report card can be hidden. The important information the Select league would be looking for in this document is to show proof of the school they attend, their current grade, and perhaps the home address.


Please be aware that there are/may be be additional costs above the Lee District Basketball Registration Fee for those players that are chosen for the Select teams. These additional costs might be for such things as uniforms, warm-up suits, or tournaments. These costs (and possible fund raising ideas) will be discussed, by each coach with their respective teams.


Playing on a Select team requires a high level of dedication during the season. It is likely that there will be on average 2 practices, and either 1 or 2 games per week.


There is no playing time requirement in the Select league. Normally, each Select team has 10 players on their roster, but a different number could be chosen depending on the coach. Playing time for an individual players is also determined by the coach. If you have questions ensure that you speak with the respective coach directly.


As a general rule, Lee District Basketball does not allow players to play up if there is a team at their own age level. However, in situations where the player's individual talent enables them to be among the best players on the team (the team in which they are playing up), then it is allowed in certain circumstances. If your child is playing up, contact the coach. Final decisions will be made on an individual basis, by the Select Director. Note: If Lee District is fielding two teams in an age group, no player will be allowed to play up on the Division 2 team.


If LDBA is fielding one team in an age group - As mentioned previously, tryouts for the Select teams will be held before the House League Evaluation Nights. Tryouts for Select teams normally begin between October 1 and October 15 and final selections are normally made around October 20. These dates will be slightly different for each team.

  1. If LDBA is fielding two teams in an Age Group - If a decision is made to have more than one Select team in a particular age group, the tryouts will be conducted as follows:
    Each player must tryout for the Division 1 team. If your child is not selected for the Division 1 team, then they would need to attend separate tryouts, which will be held for the Division 2 team.
  2. If you child is selected for the Division 1 team and chooses not to play on this team, then they would play in the LDBA House League.
  3. If you would prefer for your child not to play on the Division 1 team, please notify the County Select Commissioner, Kim Thompson (kimthompson544@gmail.com or (703) 624-5968). The coach would then be informed of your preference. Please be aware that your child could still be selected for the Division 1 team even though you have expressed your preference.


All practices will be held in local elementary and middle schools. However, the location of the games could be as close as Edison or as far as Centreville or Gainesville.


The 14-game regular season will begin in November and will continue until the end of February. The regular season is followed by a single elimination tournament for those teams that qualify. The season is over for all teams by mid-March at the latest.


Most games are played on Saturdays and Sundays. However, some games are also played during the week. This kind of information is normally not known until the scheduled is distributed around the middle of November. In the past, the 7th Grade and older leagues for both boys and girls have 4 to 6 games that are played on weeknights, and the remaining games are played on the weekends.


Many of the Select teams participate in extra tournaments during the season. The most common additional tournaments are played the weekend after Thanksgiving, and also the week between December 26-31. There will also be tournaments at Maret high school for the Winter 2013-2014 season.


For more Information about the Fairfax County Youth Basketball League (aka - Select League) visit their website at www.fcybl.org.
Also new for the Winter 2013-2014 season fcybl will require all parents to register their children on the fcybl database as well. The coaches cannot perform this function. Coaches will have to chose from the list once the players have registered. Instructions will be available on the fcybl website above and you can certain ask your coach directly.


If you have any questions about Lee District Basketball Association's Select teams, please contact LDBA at Lee.District.Basketball@gmail.com.

Select Operating Rules


The LDBA places teams in the FCYBL. The FCYBL is a Fairfax County sponsored basketball league made up of various member community leagues such as the LDBA. Each league may place teams in the FCYBL as determined by the respective community league within the guidelines established by the FCYBL. The FCYBL program is designed for players of advanced skills who desire to compete at a higher level of competition than provided in respective community league "house" programs. Teams participating in FCYBL play throughout Fairfax County. These teams require a higher degree of dedication of time, money, and effort from players, coaches, and parents. The teams may meet more frequently for practice than "house" teams and may play a greater number of games. Because of the greater cost of this league players and parents should be aware of increased fees required for these teams and that LDBA's player participation rules do not apply.


Team Formation. Selection is on a competitive basis. League Administration with the Select League Commissioner establishes LDBA entries to the FCYBL and their decision may be appealed to the Board of Directors. Factors include but are not limited to:

· Number of eligible players per age group.

· Expected competitive posture.

· Best interest of the players.

· Best interest of LDBA. Formation of teams within an age group will be consistent with the above criteria and must be approved by the League President.


Selection of coaches. The Select League Commissioner with the approval of the League Administration will select coaches.


Participation of LDBA with FCYBL. Two coaches of LDBA's entries are expected to assist in administering the FCYBL program by acting as LDBA's representatives at FCYBL Council meetings. They are primary and alternate representative designations. It is the responsibility of the representative to attend meetings, distribute information, and keep the LDBA League President and Board of Directors appraised of items of importance.


Evaluation factors. New coaches are selected based on a provisional basis reviewed annually. The capability of a coach to continue will be evaluated by the Select Commissioner and League Administration after each season. Factors include but are not limited to:

· Relationship to players.

· Attitude.

· Cooperation with others.

· Evidence of sportsmanship.

· Knowledge of the game.

· Adherence to LDBA policy and Standards of Conduct.

· Adherence to FCYBL policy, rules and Standard of Conduct.

· Understanding of and desire to work for and actively promote the philosophies of LDBA.

· Participation within the LDBA/PCA workshops and programs.

· Tenure


Dismissal: A coach may be removed or suspended at any time for cause by League Administration or Select League Commissioner. A coach may appeal a decision for dismissal to the Board of Directors of LDBA.


Selection of players.


Selection of players for an LDBA entry into the FCYBL is on a try-out basis only and roster selections within the age group are made by the respective Head Coach whose decision is final. In keeping with the philosophy of providing a sports program featuring a balanced blend of sportsmanship, recreation, skill development, and competitive activity for the youth of the Lee District Community, the LDBA does not actively recruit players from neighboring youth club team entries into the FCYBL.


Any age group with more than one team is required to hold joint try-outs for establishment of an "A" and "B" team.


No player will be allowed to "play up" in age without the approval of the Select League Commissioner.


Any other eligibility questions not addressed in the rules of LDBA will be addressed by the rules of FCYBL subject to the authority of the Select Commissioner or League President.