Lee District Basketball Association

Referee's Corner

Quick Reference Materials

This information has been pulled for the LDBA Official Operating Rules Section 16 for Referee. Please ensure that you review the entire Rule document. CLICK HERE to review the Operating Rules document. There are Special Rules for various divisions and programs geared to the development and learning of our youth recreational community.

16.1 Referees will have the appropriate striped shirt while officiating games.

16.2 Referees shall have their shirts tucked in while officiating games.

16.3 Referees will arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of their scheduled games.

16.4 Referees should report all incidents and game ejections to the Referee Coordinator with 24 hours of the incident occurring. In the cases of game ejections, immediate notification is preferred. This notification can be in the form of an email or phone call.

16.5 Referees will be familiar with the High School Federation Rules, as well as LDBA's Special Rules Section for each division.

16.6 If a referee has an issue or conflict that arises and he/she cannot officiate a scheduled game, 48 hour notification is required to the referee Coordinator. In the case of emergency, please try and notify the Coordinator as best you can, or find a stand-in.

16.7 Payment for games will be based on the Referee Coordinators records. If there are discrepancies, LDBA will work with the referee to correct, but the official records or that of the Coordinators.

16.8 Referee's are to conduct pre-game meetings with the coaches before each game they officiate. This includes introductions, and any preliminary information necessary.

16.9 Referee's should make themselves available after the games for the coaches and the players to shake their hands.

16.10 Referee's are responsible for the game administration. Referee's can be held accountable for game delays. Keep timeouts to 1 minute, halftime to 3 minutes, and non-players off the courts.

16.11 Please ensure that during game transition times, that you help facilitate the clearing of the gym and bench areas for the next game to avoid delays.

16.12 All referee's must be registered via the online volunteer registration and on file with LDBA for each season.