Lee District Basketball Association

Little Ballers Program

LDBA is into it's 8th year of the Little Baller's program. We have had over 35 participates in the last winter season which attended all (6) of the sessions and "graduation ceremony". Feedback received for this program was very positive and we have seen improvements in the children as they entered the Elementary division which is designed for league play.

PURPOSE: The LDBA's Little Ballers program will be a clinic to support both Boys & Girls between the ages of 5 and 6 years old (age as of October 1 of the current year). This program is supported by volunteers and an Instructor. LDBA aims to have 5 and 6 years olds start on their understanding and fundamentals so that once they are 7 and 8 they will have a better foundation on league play, and will be able to understand various terminlogy and expectations at the league level.

TARGETED LAYOUT: LDBA is targeting five (5) to six (6) 1 hour sessions. the Day/Time and Place of these sessions various from Season. Winter Season target Saturday mornings beginning at either 9:15 or 10:30am Spring and/or Fall Seasons, this will be (6) weeknight sessions targeted for either Monday or Tuesdays beginning at 6:30pm. The weeks generally follow the season's Recreational program game weeks. We are dependent on county usage permits and have had to be creative in regards to schedule availability.

SESSION DETAILS: The sessions will be designed to go over the fundamentals involved with the game of basketball, yet the children will be playing in a game environment. What is a court, who is standing on the sideline, what is a sideline, look I can dribble, shoot, scoreā€¦. Are the areas in which the children will be learning and playing in games designed for children of their age. We hope to end with a seasonn where the children will actually be able to play mini 3 vs 3 games with their peers. Sessions will be held based on participates. If there are a small number, a determination is made whether to hold the sessions, and if so, the layout will possibly change to benefit the children's learning experience and exposure.

WHAT'S NEEDED: Volunteers to assist the instructor are in need. LDBA would like to support as many children as possible and not limit this program by not receiving enough adult volunteer support. Helping LDBA spread the word for this program in order to make it successful for both the community and LDBA is another of help.

PARTICIPANTS: Each participant will receive a jersey for them to keep. Volunteers will receive volunteer shirts. No balls are necessary to bring, the program will supply. But if you would like to purchase for home, the size is for Little Ballers is 27.5. Certificates will be issued upon completion of the program to each participant, and throughout, children will receive stickers and knowledge.

For additional information regarding this program, please email LDBA.

SAMPLE Layout of Sessions

Session 1 - Knowing the Basic
In this session the children will be learning the importance of warming up to music. They will also learn and become familiar with a basketball court, and the people needed through game play.

Session 2 - How the Ball & Body Move
In this session, the children will be learning & practicing dribbling, pivots, and jumping through drills and games design to keep them working out.

Session 3 - How the Ball & Arms Move
In this session, the children will be learning & practicing passing through drills and games.

Session 4 - How Points are Scored
In this session, the children will be working on their shooting and be taught some of the correct forms in simply terms that they can apply. Drills and games will accomplish this.

Session 5 - How to Stop Points Scored
In this session, the children will be learning and work on their defense. I like to Defense wins games, and offense keeps em close.

Session 6 - Year in Review
In this session the children will be reviewing and demostrating what they have learned over the past 6 weeks. Althrough reviews will be included in each of the sessions from the week before, this session will be a collective review for everyone with games to see how they have been working on each item and be awarded.

Session 7 - 3 vs 3 Mini Round Robin
This is a tentative session and will be scheduled has the children progress through the clinic. LDBA would like to see how the children have progress and whether they are ready for mini 3 vs 3 controlled games.

** - Warm-ups for five (5) minutes will be a part of each session.