Lee District Basketball Association

News & Information

There is a Select/Competitive Coaches meeting scheduled for Thursday, August 30, 2018 at Applebee's on Richmond Hwy starting at 6:30pm. If you are interested in attending, please email Mr. Kim Thompson at kimthompson544@gmail.com.

Winter 2018/19 Coaches
Division/Age Grouping Coach Phone Email
8th Grade Boys Haywood, Andre 571-581-7785 teamva82@gmail.com
6th Grade Boys Troy, Penn 703-508-2141 penntroy@yahoo.com
5th Grade Boys Diffenbach, Paul 202-489-3860 paul_diffenbach@yahoo.com
All Girls Allen, Dan 703-867-8085 dan.allen.1717@gmail.com

If you are a 7th Grade Boys and interested in a Select/Competitive Team, Please look to the 8th Grade team and coach.

Select/Competitive play begins at the 5th Grade level for both boys and girls. If you are a 4th grade and would like to see about opportunities then please contact Mr. Kim Thompson for the boys via email at kimthompson544@gmail.com or Dan Allen for Girls.

Winter 2018/19 Team Tryout Dates

Various Select Team tryouts are coming. They will begin in October. LDBA is targetting to have the specific schedules out shortly.