Lee District Basketball Association

Competitive/Travel Program

Why LDBA (Feed the Machine) for your Select/Travel Competitive Choice!!!!!!

We have a solid program with a focus on teaching the children the fundamentals of basketball. Not fancy, basis fun, hard work and results. We are a small community program, and being small allows LDBA/Machine to have flexibility to provide the necessary focus to the children. It also assists with lowering overhead costs, but does not skip on the opportunities. Competition, practices, and education are the same as with other bigger programs, but w/o the higher costs. Small overhead fees, allows for families and coaches to focus on the team objectives and planning for this on an individual team basis. Through the LDBA/Machine programs we have been successful in providing the skills, experience and knowledge to assist children to go to the next levels (High School, College, and in some cases the Pro) LDBA/Machine has experienced several changes throughout it's 45 years within the Lee District/Franconia/Kingstowne community, but one thing has always been consistent. Dedication to the children within our community. In Spring 2019, LDBA/Machine will be looking to expand this program/division to the Boys.

Mr. (Coach) Dan Allen is the LDBA/Machine Director Please select Coach Allen's name to email. All interested Boys should include LDBA email.

In Spring 2019, (4) teams formed under the Machine/LDBA organization and were quite successfull. Beginning around the December 2019 and January 2020 timeframe, please look out for information regarding this program. As we are still maneuvering how to combine these organizations officially together, please allow for some growing pains and adjustments. But our mission of for the children is never in question and is why we have opened this service and products up w/o being fully integrated.

Coaches for the various teams will determine the associations that these teams will participate with, whether is be AAU, YBOA, AYBA, FYBA, local organizations, or opportunities through the DMV area, such as 1-day bump tournaments. This will mainly be based on the commitment and skill levels of the players and families interested. Competitive practice and commitment is high then with the Recreational or County Select programs. Main Costs are determined by the individual team budget, with low administrative fee to LDBA.