Lee District Basketball Association

Strengthen Training for LDBA Families

Training for LDBA's Fall 2019 season group and individual training for Shooting, Ball Handling and Conditioning will be available at a limited capacity. These sessions will be offered and lead by Coach Austin McMinn. They will be 1hr sessions for $25.00 a session. Coach McMinn had changed his main employee and has a variying schedule, but he wanted to continue to offer some opportunities. Therefore training sessions will need to be scheduled and confirmed. Sessions will be held at locat area schools and can be Monday through Fridays. If you are interested, please email Coach McMinn or call/textl 571-225-4580. A registration form will be made available to you schedule sessions be confirmed. We will have additional training options through our association and partnership with the Machine organization as well. This will be design so that your child can participate in the game season as well as receive training. They will be able to show off their skills!

Parent Training Opportunities
LDBA will offer training in the following (3) areas for our adults in order to help make your child's season and your experence more successful. Once schedule, information will be posted with the targeted training and our members will receive the email notifications.
1. Prospective New Coaches - LDBA has a Coaching booket for all coaches. This booket will provide guidelines, based on age level for drills, plays, and fundementals. It will identify goals for each age division which in turn will help the entire House Recreational Program, and the children as they progress through. LDBA has adopted the PCA (Positive Coaching Alliance) methodologies. Please review the website section for more information and reference materials.
2. Time & Score Keeping 101 - LDBA will have a short training on how to properly time & score keep. This will help volunteer parents work with the officials during games in these areas. It will also go over the LDBA Player Participation Rules so that you can help advert potential issues during the games for the coaches. Training will run when the various seasons are in swing. Those interested should contact LDBA
3. Referee Training - Experienced high school certified referee's which have supported LDBA for many years will be offering a training class for new referees or a refresher course. You will also get on the job training through scrimmages prior to the LDBA Recreational Game Seasons starting. For Questions regarding this training please contact Steve Richards or Fernando Bowen