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ONLINE REGISTRATION Winter 2019-20 Season

LDBA/Machine Spring 2021

Unfortunately, due to the low numbers of participants that registered for Spring Recreational, LDBA is unable to offer a league or training for the Spring 2021 season. LDBA will look to having a Fall 2021 mini Season later this year. Our Competitive teams and partners have started or will be starting their activities shortly. If you are interested and we support your child's age group, we would love to hear from you. Contact us at Lee.District.Basketball@gmail.com. Please enjoy your spring and stay safe and health. See everyone in the Fall (August 2021 is the target for online registration.)

LDBA will be looking at some training opportunities with Coach Fernando Bowen in this upcoming Summer season. If you are interested in this opportunity, please email Coach Bowen at nandobowen5@gmail.com

Thank you to all families that participated in the Winter 2020/2021 Mini Season and thank you to our volunteer coaches which coached, ref'd and trained. Thanks to the foundation that you all have set, we are attempting to offer a Spring 2021 recreational season.

Announcement and Updates

Coach Kim Thomspon (KT) has been Lee District Basketball's Vice President for over 10 years now. He and his famliy have supported our community through the church and basketball. Please see his story in the below gofundme link, and if you are able to assist him and his family in their time of need.

Please SUPPORT Kim V. Thompson, Sr. and Family in HIS critical time of need: Help a man that has given so much and championed so many so they may succeed and achieve their dreams.

Please visit his go fund me page that was established by long time friend Mary Kay Davidson-Taylor.

UPDATE: 04/11/2021: The support has been tremendious and the Thompson family continues to expresses their deepest graditude to all. THANK YOU!.

Convid-19 Information
Below are links to any information provided to us by the county and/or public school system regarding safety and health procedures for gym usage in the Spring 2021 season.
Community Use Policy Winter 20/21.
Recommendations to return to play
Health Assessment Questions that Must be Asked
Considerations for Youth Sports
Virginia Phase 3 Guidelines
Fairfax County Health Department - Covid-19 Response in Youth Sports March 2021
Important Links and other specific Information
We will keep you updated regarding usage and other issues surrounding the COVID-19 issues as they become available to us.


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IMPORTANT Calendar Dates
Date Description Notes
03/19/21 Online Registration Live For Spring 2021 Mini Season
03/23/21 Competitive Team Practices Teams are practicing and holding Tryouts
03/29/21 Spring Break Public Schools - No Activities through 04/02
04/10/21 Online Registration Ends For Spring 2021 Mini Season
04/11/21 NO Spring 2021 Activities Season has been Canceled.
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