Lee District Basketball Association

Coach's Corner
Quck Reference to Important Information
1. Fairfax County Inclement Weather Line: 703-324-5264
2. Director & Referee Coordinator, Steve Richards: 703-989-2435
3. President, Rhon Reid: 703- 587-8855
4. VP & Select Commissioner, Kim Thompson: 703-624-5968
5. Weekday After Hours County: 703-624-5515
6. Questions - email Lee.District.Basketball@gmail.com
Documents Needed: All documents are located in the document section as well.
1. Volunteer Building Director Certification - All Coaches must be a VBD within LDBA. Once you have completed this exam and receive the certificate, you need to email LDBA the certificate. To go to the Video and Exam CLICK HERE
2. LDBA Official Playing Rules - For 2018 are in affect. CLICK HERE to view or print curernt Rules Document.
3. Team Code of Conduct signed agreement - For the coaches to keep on hand at all games and practices in case of issues that may arise involving the Code of Conduct. CLICK HERE to view or print.
4. Medical Release Forms for each player - For the coaches to keep on hand at all games and practices in case of an emergency. CLICK HERE to view and print.
5. Copy of the practice schedule in case of conflicts.
6. Printed or created roster in case of emergency or last minute changes.
7. Copy of the Condensed Winter/Spring/Fall County Usage Permit.

PCA Reference Material